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Numbered Pagination

Numbered Pagination


Squarespace numbered pagination plugin - give your blog visitors a chance to know how big you blog is, not just “Newer/Older“ links.

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So you want to give your blog visitors a chance to know how big you blog is, not just “Newer/Older“ links? Well, you only need purchase and add this plugin to your Footer Injections. All your blog collections will have a numbered pagination block. 

By default, plugin adds itself to .blog-list container (Old Templates) and to .BlogList (New Templates), but sure you may override this and set some basic styles if add such config:

        window.paginationPluginConfig = {
            containers: {
                '.blog-list,.BlogList': {// classnames of containers where we want to have a pagination
                    place: 'append', //or use 'prepend' to place block on top of block
                    backgroundColor: 'transparent',//pagination block background color
                    align: 'left', // align pagination
                    margin: '3% 0',//pagination block margin
                    padding: '0',//pagination block padding
                    showPrevNext: { //will show next/prev elements
                        next: 'Next',//next link text
                        prev: 'Prev'//previous link text
                    pagesRange: 4, //show 4 first and 4 last pages
                    items: {
                        style: 'square', //square, pillow, circle
                        width: '32px', //navigation item width
                        margin: '20px', //navigatin items margin
                        backgroundColor: '#fff', //default background color
                        activeBackgroundColor: '#555', //active item backround color
                        color: '#000', // default items text color
                        activeColor: '#fff'//active items text color

Anyway, you may override and style this pagination in the way you want with Custom CSS.

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