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Squarespace Code Connector

Squarespace Code Connector


Simple connector to push your JS and CSS to Squarespace Sites

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Sometimes you need to work with Squarespace sites without Developer Mode enabled. But site still needs to be heavily customized and you have 3 ways to work with:

  1. Use your own server or CDN (or Github Pages) to host custom styles and scripts. So you need just include them in Injections.
  2. You may write styles in Custom CSS Tab and inline your javascript (or upload to/s/ folder and add to page). Writing scripts and styles on site is OK for small projects, but going bigger you will stuck with navigating and searching in you files. Also you may paste files content to site each time you make changes - but this is too boring I think.
  3. Use Squarespace Code Connector. This workflow means you have your files on your local computer but each time you save the file, you styles will be pushed to Custom CSS and you script will be in Footer Injection. This way you may work on you favorite text editor, use Gulp, Webpack, other plugins and see code changes almost in realtime without configuring any additional plugins. 

So if you're choosing Squarespace Code Connector, after purchasing you may download and unpack the zip archive. You will see 3 directories for Mac, Window and Linux platform. Each directory has executable you need to run and login to your Squarespace account.

It works just as your browser window, but after entering some site you will see additional SQS Code Connector panel, which you may toggle with Cmd+F (Ctrl+F) hotkey.

Squarespace Code Connector - Main Panel

Squarespace Code Connector - Main Panel

Click Link Custom CSS or Link Custom JS and choose your files. If successful - your files are watched now and you may open with external editor and make your changes. You may preview changes each time you save file in application window. Also Squarespace Websites Tools Extension PRO (starting from 1.0.10 version) users will see changes in their Chrome browser if extension enabled and user logined with google account.

We also added a FileManager panel here - each time you upload new file or select some file - be sure you have file url in your clipboard and may paste wherever you need.

See video to know how Sqarespace Code Connector works:


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