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Squarespace Websites Tools Extension

This tool helps to do import and export between Squarespace 7 sites and enables some additional tweaks. 


SquarespaceWebsites Tools Extension version 0.1.0 is the one with 50$ price and will be supported in the future with basic functionality (as is now).

We want to make your Squarespace Building process far more easier, so there will be 2 versions.

So starting from 05/06/2017 new 1.0.0 version will be in market with 199$ price with SquarespaceWebsites Tools Pro name and additional features.

Attention: This plugin uses undocumented Squarespace API! So you do all manipulations for your own risk and we are not responsible for corrupted site content or collections.

This tool helps to do import and export between Squarespace 7 sites and enables some additional tweaks. It uses Squarespace API, but while they have it in Developer (Test) Mode, it is not recommended to use.

It supports Pages and List collections like Blog, Gallery, Album, Events or custom (Dev) collections including content inside.

You can also import/export your Commerce Products between Squarespace sites. 


21.06.17 Collection items cloning improved process

04.05.17 Final 0.1.0 version of 0.x.x branch: New copy items process (local and remote), indexes and galleries creating process fixes. Imported Blog articles now would respect the order. Custom styles tweaks Import/Export fixes.

04.03.17 Performance tweaks.

05.01.17: New Style Editor fixes, page gallery images details fixed.

13.11.16: Blog order fix and full images upload

25.10.16: Now you may easy get Footer or Header Injection Code and import to another SS website. Also now Index and Folders collections supported. Extension is disabled by default and you need enable it from menu.

27.09.16: Import/Export to *.json files added. Now you may save collections and use them later.

20.09.16: Get Over 250 collection fix.

19.09.16: Small fixes, sqsToolsDataHook added.

Squarespace Websites Tools Extension 0.x.x Branch - 50$ Chrome Webstore

Page Collection Importing

Cover Page Importing

Blog Collection Importing

Index Collection Importing

Content Items Cloning and Moving across sites

Injections Cloning

Tweaks Actions

Collection Export/Import to/from JSON file