Squarespace Summary Blocks Meta Fix


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Squarespace Summary Blocks Meta Fix

Soo... seems someone already experiencing disappeared meta (categories/tags/date/author)  in your Summaries Blocks? Not sure Squarespace gonna fix this and how long it will take, but now we may only see Below Content metadata - Above Title and Below Title metadata are just empty for now.

So let's just loop our Summaries on page and copy content from Below Content container to Above Title and Below Title containers. All you need is just paste these lines to your Footer or Header Injection to make this works globally. Notice that this requires Sitewide Code Injection, a premium feature available only on Squarespace "Commerce" and "Business" plans.

If you're on Basic plan, you may just add Markdown Block to page with Summaries or even add Markdown Block to some global edited area (prefooters or footers, sidebars in some templates). Later you may target this block with id and hide it. Ok, so paste the line below to make Summary Blocks great again:

function fixSummaryMeta(sum_block) {
    sum_block.all('.summary-item').each(function(summary_item) {
        var belowContent = summary_item.one('.summary-metadata-container--below-content') ? summary_item.one('.summary-metadata-container--below-content').getContent() : false;
        if (belowContent) {
            var aboveTitle = summary_item.one('.summary-metadata-container--above-title');
            var belowTitle = summary_item.one('.summary-metadata-container--below-title');
            aboveTitle && aboveTitle.setContent(belowContent);
            belowTitle && belowTitle.setContent(belowContent);
Y.config.win.Squarespace.onInitialize(Y, function() {
    Y.all('.summary-v2-block').each(function(sum_block) {

Enjoy Summaries! And notice - if using our Lazy Summaries plugin to override 30 items limit - you do not need this snippet, we already have this fix.