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Squarespace Admin UI Tweaks

Squarespace Admin UI Tweaks


Plugin makes Squarespace Admin side more user-friendly

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Squarespace Admin site not just heavy, but they also use some odd UI. I really don’t like recently released Navigation menu with border bottom animations, but even more I do not like tiny Tags/Categories editing UI - that become really problem if you need to add many tags/categories.

So I would not say my styling is perfect, but some other Squarespace designers/developers using it with our PRO Tools extension and pretty happy with. So that was the reason to make it a separate product and share with you.

Pretty high price you’d say for some CSS stylings. Well, I will answer that some stylings needed JS from me and also I’m gonna support this, because Squarespace actively change Admin side, so price seems fair for me. Also people send some requests for me, and I’ll add the most reasonable, you also may send with the form below.

Ok, what main things you’ll get after purchased and install:

1) Tiny Scrollbars in Admin UI - we do not want to look at regular “fat“ scrollbars.

Site Style Without UI Tweaks

Site Styles With UI Tweaks

2) Categories and Tags really need to be easy to use, you should not be a sniper to hit these tiny controls

Categories-Tags Without Tweaks

Categories:Tags With Tweaks

3) Filter in collections

Filter in collections lists - easy way for fast navigating/editing

Filter in collections lists - easy way for fast navigating/editing

4) Products and Blog articles Editing dialogs really should be more tall:

Products Additional Without Tweaks.

Products Additional With Tweaks

5) Navigation not need to be fancy. Squarespace really need spend developers time for really requested features, not the fancy links animations

Navigation Without Tweaks

Navigation With Tweaks

6) Text/Words counters

Main Settings Counters

Main Settings Counters

SEO Tab Counters

SEO Tab Counters

7) Quick Links, useful for Developers

Quick Links  to navigate most used pages

Quick Links to navigate most used pages

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